The Appalachian Christian Village- Sherwood Campus asbestos removal for TEKA Building & Development, LLC. 

Through four separate containments, within the span of two long days, we were able to remove and dispose of approximately 10,200 sq. ft. of asbestos floor tile, mastic, and vinyl sheeting in September 2012.

Demolition and Asbestos for Bristol VA housing authority homes on Moore St. owned by Virginia Intermont College. 

In the first house 212 sq. ft. of asbestos and 15 lft. in the second house was removed prior to demolition using containment, wet methods, negative pressure, glove bag, and removed intact. Demolition was completed using bulldozer/loader. Finished work in September 2013.

House asbestos removal in Abingdon, VA.

A vacant house on 23682 Walden Road required asbestos removal prior to renovation work.