We are able to do asbestos abatement on bridges and are currently in the process of writing the handbook for proper bridge abatement for the state of Tennessee.

One of the bridges we have recently done work on was Buckingham Road/ I-26 Bridge in Gray, TN where there was 5,000 sq ft. of RACM to be removed. We worked Monday-Friday 8 to 5 pm and completed it in less than a month. There was full containment with the use of shrouded tools and negative air for the process of the asbestos removal. Once the asbestos was completely removed we were able to demolish specified segments of the bridge. This project was finished by April 1, 2014. 

We also completed asbestos & demolition work on the Exit 13 bridge off of I-26 in Gray, TN. 

Elizabethton Municipal Airport 

We removed 90 linear feet of asbestos from one of the hangers and storage facilities in March 2014.

Kingsport TN Post Office flood damage cleanup

We provided removal and disposal of approx. 6,000 sq ft of asbestos floor tile and mastic, 3,500 sq ft of non asbestos floor tile, third part asbestos air monitoring and clearance test, and approx. 1,800 sq ft of carpet located in 7 different rooms in September 2013. 

Tri-Cities Regional Airport

On Nov. 14 & 17, 2014, we tore out the flooring, wall paneling, and ceiling in an area known to locals as the old gift shop in order for the Comsa Construction to create a new bathroom for the steadily improving airport.