Dante Elementary School Demolition involving asbestos removal.

Since there was friable asbestos we had to make a special containment that had negative air and didn't allow for any chance of spreading of asbestos to other areas. There was 12 rooms, 4 hallways, 2 staircases, a boiler room, TSI, and 2 areas of roof that had asbestos that needed removal. In total there was over 18,000 square feet and 200 linear feet of hazardous materials. Once all the asbestos was removed we proceeded to demolition the building in order for the school to create a new facility. We completed this project in November of 2009.

ETSU Brown Hall Infrastructure Replacement including asbestos removal. 

In the beginning of 2012 our company removed asbestos from lab room floors then proceeded to demolish the interior of 28 lab rooms. Lab rooms contained sinks, lab equipment, safety showers, and shelving that had to be removed, along with walls and windows. We also had to take out fume hoods. 

Emory and Henry College Houses

3,000 sq. fy. of non-friable asbestos siding was removed along with 2,000 sq. ft. of 9x9 floor tile, black mastic, 4" wall base, and 1,200 sq. ft. of white Gypsum board compound. 

Happy Valley Elementary School

We removed asbestos floor tile from the cafeteria and restrooms. 

Holston Elementary Roof Demolition

We completed the demolition work on the entire roof of the school in June 2011. 

Marion Primary School

We removed 22,000 square feet of asbestos in April 2012.

Wise County School System asbestos, demolition, & renovation in Coeburn, VA.

We removed 1200 sq. ft. of asbestos covered surface area in Eastside Gymnasium along with demolition work involving removal of interior walls and materials. Also, involved demolition of exterior windows, pavement, and masonry utility building in August 2012. 

Central Warehouse for the Bristol VA public school system. 

There was 140 sq. ft. of asbestos removal involving containment, wet methods, and negative air. We removed window caulking throughout the building in May, 2013.

ETSU West/Powell Hall

We removed 700 sq. ft. of asbestos in the form of spray-on ceiling, as well as, did demolition work in the dormitories in order for the university to begin renovations. We took out the laboratories and showers completely, along with other demolition work throughout the 3 floor, 45,000 sq. ft.,  building. This job was completed in September 2011.

ETSU Wilson/Wallis Hall & Hutchenson Hall

There was 120 linear feet of RACM covered pipes removed and the removal of TSI, along with piping insulation, for HVAC upgrade. Throughout both buildings we removed old HVAC in order for renovating and upgrading the system for the buildings. 

Ketron 2-7th grade School in Bloomingdale, TN.

We completed asbestos and demolition work throughout majority of the campus. Removal of walls, floor tile, and one section of the building's roof.