Existing Power House Demolition for AGC in Kingsport, TN. 

We completed demolition of the 2nd story of the south section of existing power house, including all building components. We took out all of the mechanical piping, boilers, equipment, and related system components in the 2nd story of the power house. We also took out the steel access stairs, elevated walkways and small misc. building components around the existing power house. This project was completed in Dec. 2011. 

Asbestos Survey/Abatement at Auto Care in Bristol, VA.

For this project we took out non friable ACM C&D debris on October 1, 2013.

Demolition, Asbestos, and Lead abatement for MG Associates LTD in Bristol, TN along the Volunteer Parkway.

800 sq ft. of floor tile mastic was present and therefore had to be taken out before demolition work could commence. We then demolished the office building, and 5 other buildings associated with the project. There was a framed house, 3 story block building, block/metal building, framed shed, smaller framed shed, and block/frame building. 

Baldwin Building in Marion, VA collaboration with Glade Construction Co. 

We removed asbestos containing materials, such as 9x9 floor tile and linoleum, on the main level and second floor of the building. The materials were placed in Eco Safe MSW Landfill off of Harr Lane and then a third party air clearance test was taken.  

Demolition of China Palace Restaurant for KBM Properties in Bristol, TN. 

We completed total demolition on the entire building. The foundation was slab on grade and the building was using gas as a heating source. 

Renovation of the Burk Building in Bristol, VA. Involving Asbestos Removal.

We were hired by Denk K Burke & Associates to remove 185 linear feet of asbestos. We had to pull/scrape caulk from marble stone facade using wet method and plastic containment.

620 Restaurant Bristol, TN renovation

Removal of abestos TSI, sheet vinyl, and boiler insulation and lead in the first floor ceiling and walls was completed in July 2011. 

Customs Solutions Realty & Auctions ACM roof removal

In September, 2011 we removed asbestos containing roof material from Harwood Manufactoring Plant using personnel air monitoring and ambient perimeter air monitoring. We were able to remove debris piles with ACM roofing material directly to the landfill. 

Removal of Old Kingsport Press Bldg. for new Food City store

We removed 4,600 linear feet of asbestos pipes, 1,600 sq ft of asbestos tile, 900 sq ft of transit roof material, and another 11,000 sq ft of asbestos surface area in September 2010. 

Lincoln Mercury Dealership

Removed 400 sq ft of asbestos and then demolished the building in Kingsport, TN in February 2012.